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Whitelabel the TLP suite of apps, become a SaaS provider and profit!




Start Your SaaS Business

Impress your customers by generating warm leads on auto-pilot, using your very own whitelabeled TLP services, all under your own brand.

Automated lead generation is one of the fastest growing industries in the digital world and is expected to be worth over £25 billion by 2024. That is also one of the reasons our agency clients typically see an average of 20% increase Month-over-month. Our clients already re-selling the platform under their brand have a 98% customer retention rate and proudly promote the world’s best LinkedIn automation platform under their brand.

Custom Branding

Brand it with your own logo, colour scheme, specification and custom domain and give your clients a login to the platform as if you built the dashboard in-house.

We’ll handle the entire rebranding setup for you, within 48-72 hours after signup. Also, we handle the hosting, maintenance and portal set up on your behalf.

Excellent Customer Support

Our  Client Service and Tech Support teams are always on hand to handle any queries and provide technical assistance. We guarantee our clients “rapid response” of under 40 minutes during U.K & US business hours, and same day query resolution to overseas customers.

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Client Success Stories

Rob - Director

"Using The Linked People’s system has allowed me to effortlessly expand my network to our target audience whilst generating daily enquiries for our vehicle leasing business. We already have a dozen quotes out and our conversion rate is around 1 in 4 so if that happens it will have paid for itself 3 times over within 3 weeks, I am told by Alex and the team that this success will only improve with time so I’m excited to see the results."

Fatima - Business Owner

"Whilst I haven’t used the system myself my team have been praising the platform and the service from The Linked People’s customer success team. We have won some high value clients directly from our relationship with The Linked People. The highest praise I could give is that my marketing manager keeps asking me to buy more seats, which I will be doing once we have the budget!"

Karl - Marketing Manager

"The Linked People offer great lead generation solutions, their platform is great, easy to navigate and the service provided by Adam and his team is second to none. I’ve been using them for a while now and the results have been consistently superb."

Monica - Sales Director

"These guys have nailed B2B lead gen! Just two months in and my sales team have already converted some leads. The email service takes a while to get going but it has opened up some great opportunities for us. The TLP platform for LinkedIn marketing gets results a lot quicker, it has everything and they have somehow found a cheat code around LinkedIn’s weekly invite limit. We are sending thousands of invites per month on each profile, the group and inmail campaigns are great. It’s LinkedIn outreach on a grand scale! Highly recommend."