PPC Outreach

Promote your products and services to targeted audiences on Social Channels & Search Engines

Targeted Profile Searching

Automatically View, Follow & Invite

Send Invitations by Email to Follow Up

Smart Inbox & Quick Replies

Grow Your Professional Network

Zapier & CRM Integrations to Suit Your Needs

Smart Linkedin Outreach Technology

Our unique automation platform mimics the day to day activities needed to provide a continuous flow of leads.

Create your target audiences through our in-app search, create your custom message templates and set your automation tasks – then sit back as the leads start to land in your inbox.

You can even connect your TLP account to your CRM via our Zapier integration and sync all new connections and positive responses.

Expert Advice & Managed Campaigns

Our managed service provides a dedicated account manager to take care of everything on your behalf.

We schedule a strategic consultation with you to fully understand your requirements so that we can create and manage your campaigns effectively.

We’ll also connect TLP to your CRM and sync your new warm leads in real time!

Leads Generated

Meetings Booked

Meetings Converted

Happy Clients


Client Success Stories

Rob – Director

“Using The Linked People’s system has allowed me to effortlessly expand my network to our target audience whilst generating daily enquiries for our vehicle leasing business. We already have a dozen quotes out and our conversion rate is around 1 in 4 so if that happens it will have paid for itself 3 times over within 3 weeks, I am told by Brett and the team that this success will only improve with time so I’m excited to see the results.”

James – Business Development Director

“I found the AI software offered by The Linked People to be a phenomenal tool when maximising my cliental base. It enabled me to optimise my new business opportunities without having to hire more individuals. With the offer of a money back guarantee I had nothing to lose but I will be using this for at least another 3-4 months as it is fast tracking me a years worth of pipeline in a matter of weeks!”