LinkedIn Outreach

Automate your LinkedIn activity and generate dozens of warm leads every day on auto pilot.

Email Outreach

Send emails to thousands of verified business email addresses and receive all positive replies.

WhatsApp Outreach

Contact decison makers or businesses directly on their WhatsApp phone numbers in custom sequence.

Twitter Outreach

Use hashtags and keywords to follow, favourite, retweet and DM your target audience automatically.

Instagram Outreach

Use hashtags and location check-ins to follow, like and DM your target audience automatically.

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Grow your professional network and sales pipeline with Automated LinkedIn Outreach.

Smart LinkedIn Outreach Technology

Our unique automation platform mimics the day to day activities needed to provide a continuous flow of leads.

Create your target audiences through our in-app search, create your custom message templates and set your automation tasks – then sit back as the leads start to land in your inbox.

You can even connect your TLP account to your CRM via our Zapier integration and sync all new connections and positive responses.

Expert Advice & Managed Campaigns

Our managed service provides a dedicated account manager to take care of everything on your behalf.

We schedule a strategic consultation with you to fully understand your requirements so that we cancreate and manage your campaigns effectively.

We’ll also connect TLP to your CRM and sync your new warm leads in real time!

Targeted Profile Searching

Send Invitations By Email

Grow Your Professional Network

Automatically View, Follow & Invite

Smart Inbox & Quick Replies

Zapier & CRM Integration

Reach thousands of targeted and verified email inboxes each month without risk of spam complaints.

Targeted Email Searching

Lookalike Email 'From' Domain

Positive Response Detection

Automatic Email Verification

Custom Email Sequences

Real Time Email Forwarding

Automated Email Outreach

TLP+ enables you to send thousands of emails to verified decision maker email addresses in a custom sequence to help boost your lead generation outreach.

Our technology fetches email addresses from the web based on your targeted filters, automatically verifies the email address and adds it into a custom sequence of email touch points.

Say Goodbye To Spam Traps

We remove any risk of spam traps and domain blacklisting by creating a “lookalike” domain to deliver your emails from.

Our email delivery server automates IP rotation and warmup, ensuring high delivery rates and open rates of 30%-40% per campaign. 

Positive Response Detection & Forwarding

Positive emails are flagged to your TLP account manager and are then instantly forwarded to your mailbox to continue the discussion in real time.

We can add links to your calendar, landing pages or any other 3rd party sites, allowing you to accurately track CTR. 

Automated outreach and growth hacking on WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

WhatsApp Outreach

Contact hundreds of qualified targeted businesses on WhatsApp with our automated outreach tool. 

Create a sequence of custom instant messages that deliver straight into the hands of your preferred targets and receive replies instantly in your own device.

You can add your own data, or, we can fetch and add data for you.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Create unlimited replies based on keywords or key phrases that instantly deliver to contacts when they reach out to your business.

Add a WhatsApp floating chat bubble on your website and an infinite number of custom workflows that can boost engagement and sales.

whatsapp automation
growth hacking

Instagram & Twitter Outreach

Search, connect and direct message your chosen target users on Instagram and Twitter.

Use #tags, check-ins, keywords, follower count and more to hone in on matching profiles.

You can see and reply to all messages directly in your portal.

Instagram & Twitter Growth Hacking

Automatically follow your chosen targets on Instagram and Twitter, like their recent posts, repost their content, comment on posts and more.

Schedule or instantly share content to your profiles. On Instagram, you can create a carousel post, update your story or share a reel. On Twitter, share photos, videos or links to external sources.


Have a question about how it works?

Book a meeting with one of our experts and we’ll give you a tour of TLP, explain how we help you to generate more leads and we’ll answer any of your questions!