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About Us

Who are The Linked People?

Lead Generation Specialists

Attract thousands of hot leads by targeting your ideal future customers with our advanced industry leading LinkedIn and Email automation technology

We are a team of software developers and marketing experts with 40 years combined experience in our field. We specialise in helping businesses grow and fast track years worth of sales pipeline in just a few weeks.

As a SaaS provider, giving businesses access to our leading industry technology is one thing, but being able to deliver a proven done-for-you lead generation service in addition to our software is what sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to deliver the best in class lead generation campaigns.

So, whether you decide to run campaigns yourself, or let us do it for you TLP will generate dozens to hundreds of hot leads every month for your business, guaranteed.

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How does it work?

Client Success Stories

Rob - Director

"Using The Linked People’s system has allowed me to effortlessly expand my network to our target audience whilst generating daily enquiries for our vehicle leasing business. We already have a dozen quotes out and our conversion rate is around 1 in 4 so if that happens it will have paid for itself 3 times over within 3 weeks, I am told by Alex and the team that this success will only improve with time so I’m excited to see the results."

Fatima - Business Owner

"Whilst I haven’t used the system myself my team have been praising the platform and the service from The Linked People’s customer success team. We have won some high value clients directly from our relationship with The Linked People. The highest praise I could give is that my marketing manager keeps asking me to buy more seats, which I will be doing once we have the budget!"

Karl - Marketing Manager

"The Linked People offer great lead generation solutions, their platform is great, easy to navigate and the service provided by Adam and his team is second to none. I’ve been using them for a while now and the results have been consistently superb."

Monica - Sales Director

"These guys have nailed B2B lead gen! Just two months in and my sales team have already converted some leads. The email service takes a while to get going but it has opened up some great opportunities for us. The TLP platform for LinkedIn marketing gets results a lot quicker, it has everything and they have somehow found a cheat code around LinkedIn’s weekly invite limit. We are sending thousands of invites per month on each profile, the group and inmail campaigns are great. It’s LinkedIn outreach on a grand scale! Highly recommend."


Do I need a Sales Navigator subscription to use TLP?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is ideal for finding lists of prospects that fit with your target audience with precision. You only need one LinkedIn sales navigator subscription to use TLP, if you purchase multiple users from us they will not need to have active sales navigator subscriptions to run effectively.

What automation can TLP do on LinkedIn?

TLP can be used to automate multiple actions on LinkedIn. You can automatically send connection requests and messages, as well as Open Inmail messages and skill endorsements. It is also possible within TLP to automatically like a post as well as follow any profile or company page.

How much does TLP cost?

TLP costs £179 GBP for one user, however if you add multiple users to the system there are additional discounts. For example 5 active users will cost £140 per user and for more than 5 active users further discounts will be added. You  will also qualify for further cost per user reductions if you pay quarterly or annually.

What about customer support?

If you have a starter subscription with TLP you can contact customer support on the live chat or by sending an email to [email protected]

Customers that have a Pro or Premium subscription will have a WhatsApp support group with our account management team in addition to weekly calls.

Do you work with agencies?

Absolutely! TLP is specifically designed to assist marketing agencies in managing and automating their clients' LinkedIn outreach. With our platform, you can efficiently handle your clients' LinkedIn activities from a single dashboard.

What additional support options do you offer for agencies?

We understand the importance of agency success, and to facilitate that, we provide various service level options. These options include training sessions, regular Zoom calls, WhatsApp support groups, and more. We even offer infrastructure support to manage campaigns directly under your agency's brand.

Is TLP suitable for both established agencies and startups?

TLP is designed to cater to all types of agencies, whether they are established firms or startups. Our platform is versatile and adaptable to suit the needs of agencies at different stages of their journey.

Does TLP offer white label?

Yes we do!  If you would like to become a reseller of TLP please book a demo or drop a message on the live chat.

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